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Level Ground Tea GardenMany people are unaware that a commitment to sustainability is built right into the World Fair Trade Organization’s 10 Principles of Fair Trade.

Principle #10, “Respect for the Environment,” includes the following thoughts:

Organizations which produce Fair Trade products maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources in their ranges, buying locally when possible. They use production technologies that seek to reduce energy consumption and where possible use renewable energy technologies that minimize greenhouse gas emissions. They seek to minimize the impact of their waste stream on the environment. Fair Trade agricultural commodity producers minimize their environmental impacts, by using organic or low pesticide use production methods wherever possible.

In the case of our food products, while not all are certified organic, the suppliers we work with are committed to ensuring that farming practices don’t place undue stress on the environment. Pictured above is one of the tea gardens that Level Ground Trading (our coffee and tea partner) has been developing in India. It is rare to find chemical-free tea, and so we’re very proud to be able to sell Level Ground’s amazing products in Canada.

Among our artisan-made products, there are a wide variety of items with amazing earth-friendly stories. One of my personal favourites is a range of products made from reused bicycle parts.purse-recycled-sari-asst-colour-cotton

These unique items from Noah’s Ark International in India, despite their small size, make quite an impression and are the perfect gift for just about anyone!

teardrop-bowl-setFrom reused saris and magazines to recycled glass, Ten Thousand Villages is dedicated to treading lightly on the planet and helping to create a better world for future generations.

Happy Earth Day!




sculpture-musician-guitar-recycled-bike-parts Background short blue-recycled-plastic-shopping-bag Background short premium organic dried mango
Play it Again Guitar Sculpture Recycled Plastic Shopping Bag Premium Organic Dried Mango

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