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Soccer BallThis coming Sunday is Father’s Day, and I’m feeling a little sentimental.

I don’t generally get excited about holidays – but for some reason, this year feels different.

My father has been experiencing some health issues, so I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the many happy memories I have of my childhood. For example, when the Toronto Blue Jays made it to the World Series, he was that Dad who bought the maximum number of tickets you were allowed to purchase. My sister and I invited a bunch of our friends to join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’ll never forget.

And then on the other hand, in just a couple months, we’ll be celebrating my son’s upcoming wedding. I think he’s hoping I won’t make a speech … but regardless of who wins that “battle,” it’s still a time for me to think back on the role I have played in his life to this point as his father. I find myself asking myself, more than usual, “Am I raising my children to the best of my abilities? Am I facilitating the opportunities they need to become strong, healthy, happy adults?”

We all have certain objects that trigger specific memories. For me, a soccer ball conjures up many images and feelings associated with both childhood and parenting.

To me, a ball represents those important moments we spend investing in our kids’ lives.

So when I discovered that Ten Thousand Villages would be selling mini balls to commemorate the World Cup, I immediately knew what I wanted to write about today.

I remember hours and hours, sitting on the sidelines, watching my son play soccer. I recall the feeling of being proud when he made a great play. And I distinctly remember the sense of parental purpose I felt when he came off the field needing a Band-Aid or a hug.

I know not everyone has positive memories around childhood or parenting. But regardless of your personal experience, good or bad, this Father’s Day, I hope you have an opportunity to celebrate the little people and the mentors in your life.


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