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Relief Sale 1Every year since 1996, Ten Thousand Villages has set up a big tent at the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale.

The annual event draws thousands upon thousands of people from the local area, around the province, and even from the United States. The 2014 event, which was held on May 30 and 31, generated $320,000 for the local and international relief, development, justice and peacebuilding efforts of MCC Canada.

According to Catherine MacDonald, manager of the New Hamburg Ten Thousand Villages store, the biggest draws are the massive quilt auction and the amazing Mennonite food – everything from tea balls and strawberry pies, to spring rolls and rollkuchen.

“Some of our regular store customers make an effort to come and see us at the tent,” says Catherine. “But for others, it might be the one time every year they look forward to getting their fill of great Ten Thousand Villages products.”

Rain or shine, Ten Thousand Villages sets up a big tent each year and sells a selection of the products you can find every day in our stores, online and at festival sales.

Catherine adds: “Just as our volunteers make a big impact on our organization – working at our head office, in stores, and at festival sales across the country – there are a few volunteers who’ve been helping me with set-up and tear-down for more than 20 years!”

Ten Thousand Villages is pleased to be part of this fabulous event, which has raised about $15 million dollars for MCC since it began in 1967. We’re already looking forward to next year!


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