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Top imageNow that the warm weather is here, the season for entertaining friends and family in our outdoor spaces is in full swing.

As soon as the snow finally melted away, we here at Ten Thousand Villages could hardly wait to throw a garden party! What better way to celebrate the change of seasons than by enjoying good food and good company with some fair trade flair.

To make your own “Fair Trade Flair Garden Party” easy as pie, just follow our simple four-step process:





Garden Party -1

Pick a theme or colour palette to follow, so you have some focus when choosing your decorations. For our garden party, we settled on a cottage feel, emphasizing blue tones and white-washed wood.

At Ten Thousand Villages, we have a huge array of colour and texture options available. You can go vibrant and bold, light and neutral, or somewhere in between. With so many options, we had a hard time selecting which items to decorate with! It wasn’t until we decided on a theme that we focused on those items that gave us the feeling of being at the cottage by a lake.


Garden Party 2

For our garden party, we decided on a potluck-style meal, but we asked our guests to choose recipes that could be made using fair trade ingredients. Our guests rose to the challenge, and we got to see many of the food items we sell used in creative and delicious ways.

Choosing dishes that feature fair trade ingredients is a simple and appetizing way to add some fair trade flair to your garden party!


Garden Party 3

Gather all the elements you’ll be including in your “table scape.” Think tablecloth, napkins, candles, vases, flowers, along with accent pieces that match your theme. Make sure you give yourself enough time to play around with the arrangement of these pieces, and get creative!

The centre of your table might not have much room, but you can always style vertically. Add more dimension by including items that fill up the vertical space on your table. Pick an eye-catching centrepiece that’s sure to be a great conversation starter. (Especially since you can tell your guests the story of where it’s from and who made it!)


Garden Party 4

You’re now ready to serve up a sophisticated party … no matter who shows up!


highlands-carafe Background short harmony-plaid-tablecloth Background short hip-to-be-square-bowl
Highlands Carafe Harmony Plaid Tablecloth Hip To Be Square

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