Bangladesh Artisans

strutting-bird-tinFair Trade retailers like Ten Thousand Villages carry hundreds of pieces of beautiful work made by artisans from all over the world. Our mission is to bring these works of art to markets artisans wouldn’t otherwise have access to, while facilitating opportunities for disadvantaged people around the world to make a living doing dignified work.

When many people think about Fair Trade products, they often automatically assume they’ll be expensive, and that they’ll have to pay a premium to buy ethically. This simply isn’t true, though. Fair Trade retailers stock a wide variety of products that are inexpensive, while still beautiful and high quality.

Check out the products below, each of which is under $10. Just looking at them, you see a bracelet and a metal snake – nothing to get too excited about. But there are significant differences between regular gifts and these Fair Trade items.

Here’s what I mean by Fair Trade gifts being packed with “gifty” value:leather bracelet

This bracelet is made of leather, but was painstakingly hand-painted by an artisan in Indonesia who is trying to make a living in extremely difficult conditions. It’s so much more than just a plain leather bracelet, and wearing it stands for something.

This “snake”  is made of recycled bicycle chain, and is actually a bottle opener. Did you know that other metal bike-chain-bottle-openerbottle openers are often $15 to $20? This one, however, is a gift that keeps on giving, since you can share the story of the artisan in India using old parts to create something new and beautiful.

The awesome thing is that it’s easy to pick up an ethical gift that’s amazing on multiple levels. You can literally spend just a few dollars in many cases, and still be assured of the item’s multi-dimensional significance.

shesham-wood-dice-box Background short dark-espresso-roast-bean Background short onyx-goblets-in-velvet-box
Shesham Wood Dice Box Dark Espresso Roast Coffee Bean Onyx Goblets in Velvet Box

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