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Nosey Spectacle StandIf I had to narrow it down to just one word that I hear used most often to describe Ten Thousand Villages’ products, it’s “unique.”

Without a doubt, we specialize in bringing things to the Canadian market that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Not only that, but when I look at reports on the items that are among our bestsellers, I’m consistently surprised by some of the items that are the most popular. Take our Nosey Spectacle Stand, for instance. It’s so incredibly popular – and has been for years – that we like to joke that pretty much everyone in Canada must have one!

In our office, you only need to refer to “the nose” and everyone knows exactly what you mean. (Pun totally intended.)

Our spectacle stands are not only unique, but they’re also useful. As you can see in the photo above, some people even pack their nose when they travel. (Hats off to Pat, our Stratford store manager, for sharing her traveling nose photo.)

Regal Chicken SculptureSome might use the word “quirky” in place of “unique” – and that descriptor definitely applies to our Regal Chicken Sculpture.

The artisan groups we partner with can design and make a wide variety of products. We sometimes know in advance that a product won’t appeal to everyone – but there are always people who fall in love with even the quirkiest of items.

If you check out the Ten Thousand Villages Canada Facebook page, you can see where this cute little guy has been travelling over the summer!

GalimotosNo blog entry about unique products would be complete without mentioning our Galimotos.

Almost every time I take my kids into one of our stores, my youngest immediately heads for the basket of galimotos and starts racing around the store with one (often to my chagrin!).

The bonus, of course, is that Ten Thousand Villages doesn’t just offer unique items. Every single product is somehow contributing to bringing about economic justice for the talented individuals who make them.

You can feel great about adding these and other special items to your life – knowing they will be sure to spark conversation with your friends and family, while at the same time making a positive impact on those who crafted them with their own hands.

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Feather Light Wire Bird Napping Kitty Puzzle Box Ceramic Hatching Sea Turtle

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