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Ryan CoffeeI don’t know about you, but my morning routine starts and ends with coffee! I probably don’t qualify as a connoisseur, but I know a good cup of coffee when I taste it – and I’ve long been a big fan of the coffee I get at Ten Thousand Villages.

Ten Thousand Villages has a strong history with Level Ground Trading, which supplies our coffee. This partnership began even before Level Ground Trading’s inception: Hugo Ciro, co-founder and CEO of Level Ground, was introduced to Fair Trade when he volunteered at the SelfHelp Crafts (now Ten Thousand Villages) warehouse in Abbotsford many years ago.

Level Ground Trading was established in 1997 by four families in Victoria, British Columbia. Today, Level Ground has a staff of 29 and imports coffee from six developing countries.

coffeeIn 1998, Ten Thousand Villages became Level Ground’s very first customer. Skip ahead sixteen years to today, and Level Ground is proud to offer its products in scores of Ten Thousand Villages stores and MCC thrift shops across Canada and the US.

Level Ground’s vision is to alleviate poverty in developing countries through trade, achieved by focusing on farmers, valuing quality, and operating with transparency and accountability.

To achieve this, among other things, Level Ground invests in social programs in farmers’ communities through premiums. To date, these communities have used their premiums for investments in educational scholarships, health care and economic development (e.g., purchasing livestock). And beyond the community impact, Level Ground is staunchly committed to quality, both in the products they import, and in the way they deal with producers and the environment.

As a result of Level Ground’s efforts, nearly 5,000 families (more than 24,000 people) in 10 developing countries are currently benefiting from Direct Fair Trade.

Coffee PromoWhen Hugo Ciro, speaks to audiences near and far about Level Ground, he often says, “Level Ground Trading is to farmers what Ten Thousand Villages is to artisans.” At Ten Thousand Villages, we are proud of this long partnership, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring Level Ground’s high-quality coffee to the Canadian marketplace.

As a special treat for our customers, for a limited time, one-pound bags of Level Ground Trading coffee are just $9.99 online and in stores!

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