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blog-top-imageFor more than 20 years, Pantone has surveyed New York Fashion Week and previewed the most important colour trends for the coming season. For Fall 2014, Pantone selected 10 colours that “Transcend Time and Place.”

Interestingly, the selections of colours are probably not the typical colours you are used to seeing for this time of year. The Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute explains: “This is a season of untypical colors — more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall.”

I decided it would be fun to create a few looks based on this colour palette with some of my favourite accessories here at Ten Thousand Villages.


Pantone Colours


The first look relies heavily on purple tones, light enough to differentiate from the purple you typically see in the Winter season. In this look, the Aluminum adds a futuristic modern edge, which you can see reflected in the metal of the Mountain Stone Ring. The Purple Geo Scarf, as well as the fun Spinning Disk Wrap bracelet and necklace, add a big pop of colour using those red and purple tones of the Sangria and Radiant Orchid.


Fall 1


The second look I’ve put together really evokes the beautiful fall combination of earth and sky: a cultured autumn brown in Cognac and the rich hue of the twilight sky in Royal Blue. Royal Blue makes a great transition colour from Fall to Winter later in the year, while the brown grounds the look firmly in the Fall season. The classic style of the Patient Stone Pendant mixed with the striking colour in the Twilight Blue Earrings, might seem like an unlikely pairing. But the Aluminum coloured details and the brown are both neutral and pair beautifully with the blue. Complete the outfit with one of my favourite new items, the Kantha Shoulder Bag with faux leather details. The bag, made from recycled saris, comes in assorted colours, but the brown remains the constant neutral on each bag, making it a great pick for any Fall look.


Fall 2


The final look I want to share with you pulls in some of the more traditional Fall colours of red and yellow we are used to seeing, with a touch of the purple tones so prevalent for Fall 2014. The main colour in this combination of accessories is the Misted Yellow, adding some sunlight and warmth as the days turn cold. The Strips & Stripes Scarf is perfect for this Fall season since it’s a bit lighter (no need to completely bundle up just yet!) and incorporates the Misted Yellow with the Radiant Orchid. The jewellery offers a great statement even without the scarf and bag, with the Aurora Red and Misted Yellow in the Rumba Bracelet and the Sangria tone of the Tassel Beaded necklace. Both pieces are beaded and the spectrum of colours pairs  very well together. The cherry on top of this look is the gorgeous Zippy Sunshine Leather Bag, a new purse only offered in a few of our stores and online.


Fall 3


With such a variety of colours in this palette, there are plenty of options at Ten Thousand Villages for accessorizing for Fall. I hope these looks offer some fun inspiration as you add some beautiful Fall colours to your wardrobe this season.


tassel-scarf Background short worldly-colours-scarf Background short autumn-celebration-scarf
Tassel Scarf Worldly Colours Scarf Autumn Celebration Scarf

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