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“The most fulfilling thing about working in fair trade? Definitely the amazing trading relationships Sasha has developed,” says Roopa Mehta, CEO of Sasha Exports.

“Sasha’s partnerships with workshops – and with our trading partners around the world, like Ten Thousand Villages – all make me so pleased. Every single one of these groups has overcome challenges to get where they are today.

“Fair trade is growing, and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.”Roopa Mehta from Sasha Exports

I recently had the privilege of spending time with Roopa when she visited our head office. As someone who has worked tirelessly to build the fair trade movement for more than 30 years, I was keen to learn from her vast experience and insight.

I was specifically interested to hear the reasons she’s inspired to keep going, especially in the face of so many challenges.RS27556_Sant Lal_Artisan from Vikas India Workshop

In her words:

Fair Trade Gives PurposeFair trade is built on openness and transparency.

Fair trade relationships are special. It’s not a constant tug-of-war, like traditional trading relationships.

It’s such a privilege to see lives transformed for the better: To witness women who had no self-confidence or autonomy now thriving as leaders; starting and running their own businesses; making decisions; providing for their children.

I’ve just enjoyed every minute of it.


Turning to one of the prints on my wall, Roopa’s eyes light up.

“That’s it!” she says. “Fair Trade Gives Purpose.

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