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festive1Decorating my home in holiday style is one of my favourite things to do this time of year! I love adding lights, sparkle and fun festive accessories to change up the look of my home.

I thought it would be fun to try two completely different styles on my mantel this year, to see which one best suits my style. I like both of these options quite a lot, so I’d love to hear from you which one is your favourite!

Silver Sparkles


For the silver sparkles look, I focused mainly on a snowy, shiny, bright aesthetic. I love the look of Ten Thousand Villages’ Snowflake Reflections Candleholder and Cutout Bowl, and I wanted to show them both off in this look. I like to try using things in non-standard ways – so for the candleholder, I used tea lights, as well as the Capiz Onion and Starfruit ornaments. I also liked how the ornaments added a splash of colour against the neutral silver look.


Bringing in fresh greenery from outside is another great way to dress up any look in holiday style. I filled the bowl with greenery I had cut off some trees outside my house. But the great thing about pulling a large bowl or basket into the look is that you can fill it with anything you choose! Using ornaments to fill this bowl would be another great way to add some colour.


These tall candleholders add drama to this look and create some much-needed height to fill the vertical space. To make a mantel display dynamic, it’s great to include something taller. These candleholders (or pumpkin holders) definitely did the trick. You’ll notice that a big part of both of these looks is the candles. I love candles as a year-round decoration, but I especially love them around the holidays because there are so many festive candle holders to display them in!


To complete this look, I added these dark brooding Midnight Owls. The black ties in nicely with the candlesticks, and I love to include animals in holiday décor. It was another way to add some vertical dimension to the look and break up the blank space between the height of the candleholders and other elements below. Overall, this is a very modern look, and it made me feel as though I was ready to host a classy dinner party.

Festive & Warm


For this look, I wanted to create a classic Christmas feeling, with warmth and the traditional colours of red and green. Using garland is an easy way to pull in the green and add an instant Christmas backdrop to any display. I also like to use garland as a way to incorporate more ornaments – sort of like decorating a vertical Christmas tree. The Proud Reindeer Sculpture is one of my favourite new holiday items, and I think it looks great in any holiday decor. I’ve seen it used in centrepieces, shelves, porches and front entry displays. In this case, it fits perfectly as a classic holiday symbol and it also plays the part of adding vertical dimension to the display.


The Brass ‘N Glass Lantern Candleholder, or any taller candleholder, would also work to fill up the vertical space. In this look, I love how the golden metal colour complements the reindeer nicely, while the candle adds some warmth and glow.


As I briefly mentioned before, I had fun with this display, sneaking in ornaments everywhere I could. I had a hard time choosing which ornaments to include since we have so many that would work well. I ended up going mostly with red and white, because I felt the classic Christmas colours fit perfectly with the feel I was going for. I find bright colours are a great way to liven up the house during the dark days of winter.


Finally, to round out the look of this display, I included some more candleholders and brass figurines. I wanted to add more variety to the look without taking away from the main features. The candleholders were a great match to the colour scheme, and also added a bit of sparkle and shine.


Which display is your favourite? I ended up choosing the Festive & Warm look because I think the reindeer is just so fun. Hopefully this provides some inspiration for decorating your own mantel or shelf, or whatever you have to decorate!

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Capiz Onion Ornament Dhokra Horse Sculpture


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