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Ten Thousand Villages Finger PuppetsGiven that our holiday campaign tagline is ’Tis the Reason, we thought it might be fun to ask a few of our younger shoppers to answer a question:

“What is the reason you like to shop at Ten Thousand Villages?”

We received a number of really great responses, and here are some of our favourites:

“Camels.” (boy, age 5) – He felt that all nativities should have camels, and Ten Thousand Villages is the place to find them!

“I think the stuff in here is cool.” (girl, age 9)

“Chocolate!” (boy, age 6) – This was from our Ottawa store manager’s son. She added that when they come to pick her up at the end of the day, her son likes to put on a volunteer name badge, grab a juice box from the fridge, sweep the floor, and say “Thank you!” to everyone as they leave. She has a picture of him as a baby in a carrier wearing a volunteer name badge.

“I like trinkets.” (girl, age 12)

“I like to shop with my Dada ’cause he’s the best Dada.” (girl, age 3)

“I like the safari chess board. I want to get one. The stuff in here is really cool! You volunteers are neat!” (Kelsie, grade 1)

Young or old, or somewhere in between, people love looking for treasures at Ten Thousand Villages.

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