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album12Back in early January, our social media and marketing team gathered together to make a call to Level Ground Trading, our fair trade coffee partner.

Located in Victoria, B.C., the company’s slogan is, “We shake the hands that pick the coffee,” but in reality, the organization does much more. Not only does it invest in communities in South America and Africa, coffee roasting guru and master taster, Josh Del Sol, creates tasty blends and roasts beans.

We wanted to pick his brain and find out all we could about the coffee we sell. It turns out there was plenty to learn. For example…

HHC_3337-copySome coffee varieties are just a better fit with some coffee drinkers. That’s right. Just because your best friend can’t get enough of our Espresso, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If you’re a time-crunched mom, our Ethiopian Dark Roast is probably the better bet. That’s because it ages well. In other words, even if it cools in your cup as you’re frantically dressing the kids, it will still retain its balance and flavour. Good to know, right?

Congo Medium Roast tastes different each year. If you’re looking for a very consistent cup of coffee, reach for the Colombian Dark Roast. But if you’re someone who doesn’t mind of bit of variety, Congo might be your thing. Josh explains that challenging growing conditions, or even local politics, can have an impact on the beans that arrive in Canada, even though all are full of life.

“This is for someone who’s a bit less concerned with having the same kind of cereal every morning,” Josh told us.

HHC_2475You can actually blend love-it-or-hate-it coffees to create a dream brew. Josh is the first to tell you that African coffees create lovers or haters. “Meh” rarely comes into the equation. Yet somehow, when he merges coffee from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Congo to create the Winter Harvest blend, it works.

“It was surprising to us too, that we could take the most polarizing coffees and then put them together and create a crowd-pleaser!” he said.

Want to taste these coffees for yourself? Good news! Between January 22 – 26, 454g bags of Level Ground coffee sell for only $9.99.

leaf-and-branch-mug wordpress winter-harvest-coffee-bean
Leaf and Branch Mug Winter Harvest Coffee Bean


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