Bangladesh Artisans

With wedding season already in full swing, you might find yourself in need of a wedding gift. Or, perhaps you are creating your own registry. Either way, unique gift ideas abound when you choose fair trade. Check out these fair trade versions of four classic wedding gifts every couple needs!

The classic gift: Dishware

The fair trade version: Unique serving dish


A unique serving dish is something your friends or loved ones can use to make a statement as they host guests in their home together. I love the look of the natural wooden grain in this huge square salad bowl from Noah’s Ark in India. A round of applause for square bowls!

The classic gift: Wine glasses

The fair trade version: Phoenician glass


These colourful recycled glasses are hand-blown by artisans of Hebron Glass & Ceramic Factory. In Phoenician glass blowing, artisans add substances to the molten glass and the resulting reaction creates a beautiful range of colors. Working with this process takes an especially skilled hand, and is reserved for true masters of the art.

The classic gift: Casserole dish

The fair trade version: Lombok pottery

Let everyone else buy a typical casserole dish. You can have the most memorable gift at the wedding with this tagine from the pottery village of Lombok in Indonesia. The tagine is hand-formed by the group’s talented women and features a unique design in the smooth finish. Bump up this gift by including non-perishable ingredients and your favourite recipe.

The classic gift: Romantic picture frame

The fair trade version: Picture frames with meaning

A picture frame always makes a great gift – the happy couple is about to get a bunch of wedding pictures they’ll want to display! Pick a neutral frame made of a material that could go well with any décor, like this elegant white bone frame.

The classic gift: A simple throw

The fair trade version: Recycled sari throw


Recycled saris, patched with love, are turned into beautiful and cozy throws. The Hajiganj Project works with marginalized people in the Nilphamari District, one of the poorest areas of Bangladesh. Because each throw is made of recycled saris, each one is completely unique.

Last but not least, don’t forget to include a product information sheet with whichever gift you choose, so the newlyweds can learn about the people and the story behind your meaningful gift.

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