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Quick! When you think, “hammock,” what comes to mind?
A warm breeze, a glass of lemonade and a good book? Probably. For most of us, hammocks embody leisure and easy living.

P1010029But at Ten Thousand Villages, when a shipment of our gorgeous new Sunshade Hammocks and Navy Dreams Hammocks arrives in our warehouse and stores, we’re thinking about something other than how hammocks make us feel. We’re considering how they change the lives of the people who weave them – and how fortunate we are to have a new artisan partner, Oyanca Artesania.

Nicaragua.8104.Jan.10.Mirna-Hernandez.8104170.0001Based in Managua, Nicaragua, Oyanca Artesania was founded in 2001 by Tamara Pereira, who wanted to provide more export opportunities for Nicaraguan ceramic artisans. Eventually the group began using other materials too and broadening its scope. Today, Oyanca works with some 160 artisans in 28 workshops in both rural and urban areas of Nicaragua, with 50 per cent of the artisans being women.

Why else did we choose Oyanca’s hammocks? Because they’re sensational! Nicaraguan hammocks are widely known as some of the most luxurious, comfortable and expertly made in the world. Hand-woven on a simple loom using soft, heavy-gauge cotton thread, they’re an essential tool for a summer fiesta.

Using cotton means the hammock forms to your body shape, while the heavy gauge avoids trapping heat so you’re free to rest cool and happy.

Here are a few other facts about Oyanca hammocks:

  • They’re “spreader-bar hammocks,” meaning they use wooden bars at the head and foot to spread the fabric. This makes the hammocks easier to get into, but they tip more easily than cocoon-type hammocks, so be careful!
  • Suspend a hammock about 1.8 metres above the ground on both sides, so its centre hangs level between your knees and hips.
  • If you must wash your hammock, soak it for 30 minutes in a mild, soapy solution and rinse well. Always hang open until completely dry or you could end up with a musty mess.
  • Cotton fades, so it’s best to hang Oyanca hammocks in a shady spot or on a covered porch.
Sunshade Hammock Navy Dreams Hammock

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  1. Wow, I’ll have to keep these in mind. They look great for a nice relaxing nap in the sun!