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We can’t get enough summertime coffee. It allows us to go beyond our regular hot cup of joe that starts the morning to something seasonal and out of the ordinary. Looking to cool off and boost your coffee buzz? Look no further! We’ve collected our favourite cold drink recipes that are sure to change how you caffeinate yourself on a hot day.


  1. Brewed coffee over ice

One of the biggest problems with dropping ice into your coffee is that it weakens it – and that’s the last thing you want! To make great iced coffee, the solution is simple: just increase the coffee grounds and reduce the water. We recommend brewing 60g (about 10-12 tablespoons) of coffee with 500ml water using whatever method you normally use for hot coffee. Next, pour the brewed coffee over 500g ice – about 12 cubes from a standard tray – and stir. If you have a cocktail shaker that can handle hot liquids, use it! Shaking the coffee with the ice cubes will make the drink cool more rapidly.

  1. Cold brewed coffee

Did you know that coffee will actually brew at room temperature? Add 80g (one scant cup) of ground coffee to one litre of room temperature water, then refrigerate for 24 hours. Remove from the fridge and gently pour the coffee off of the grounds (you’ll find them settled at the bottom). It’s that simple! What’s the result? A smooth brew strong enough to chill over ice, that will even stand up to milk and sugar!

For both methods, make sure to choose the right roast: dark roast coffees like French Roast will yield a rich and full flavour. Fruitier, more tea-like flavours come out with medium roasted coffees, like the Tanzanian Medium Roast, when chilled. Quite refreshing! Ultimately, you should let your taste buds be your guide.


  1. Iced tea and Sun tea

Increase your normal tea dosage by two to three times, and let it steep until the colour looks right either in the fridge or in a lidded container by a window. The stronger you brew the tea, the more it will stand up to ice.


Have fun, and be sure to take a few recipe risks! These three ideas are just a starting point. With a little experimentation, you’ll soon find a summer brew that works for you.



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