Bangladesh Artisans

Is a Bunyaad hand-knotted Oriental rug a work of art?

You might think so. After all, over a dozen Pakistani artists, dyers, knotters and finishers work together for months – or even years – to create each sumptuous, intricate floor covering with expert care.

Better wait for messy kids to grow up and move out before purchasing one, right?


Back in January 2015, Gwen Repeta sat beside a rug designer-in-training at Bunyaad’s office in Lahore, Pakistan and watched him work. As they chatted, Repeta, Winnipeg’s store manager and Canada Rug Program coordinator, noticed how he drew the same small pattern over and over again on graph paper, trying to perfect it.Bunyaad Fair Trade Rug Artisan Design Process

Eventually, his mentor reached across the table, turned the design around – and promptly erased the whole thing, gently urging him to try again.

“I was thinking, ‘I don’t want that job!’” she says months later, laughing.