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Is a Bunyaad hand-knotted Oriental rug a work of art?

You might think so. After all, over a dozen Pakistani artists, dyers, knotters and finishers work together for months – or even years – to create each sumptuous, intricate floor covering with expert care.

Better wait for messy kids to grow up and move out before purchasing one, right?


Not so fast, says Gwen Repeta, Winnipeg’s store manager and Canada Rug Program coordinator, who visited the Bunyaad finishing facility earlier this year. She watched as rugs were rinsed down, scraped, walked on, pulled at, dried in the sun, sheared and even burned to eliminate wayward fuzz. And she’ll assure you that Bunyaad rugs can take practically anything small children or four-legged friends can throw at them. Sure, the rugs are precious, but they can take a beating, too.

“A lot of people will place their rug on the floor and think, ‘Oh, I can’t walk on that rug now,’” she explains. “But I’m thinking that with a $5,000 price tag, you should be able to walk on it, eat on it and do whatever the heck you want to do on that rug!”rug-production-06-drying-01-720

Indeed, Bunyaad artists and rug makers scrutinize the details at every stage of the process to ensure absolute, top-tier quality. Take the wool itself. Unlike some producers that use short, coarser wool that sheds with wear, Bunyaad uses only longer, softer and finer wool that stays in place for decades.

“There is a difference in the quality of the material in our rugs, which will eventually determine their longevity,” Repeta says.

Even if there is a spill, it’s not necessarily difficult to clean high-quality rugs. Nor must they be shipped off to a professional cleaner. Remember, each rug was originally cleaned with nothing but water, soap and some elbow grease. If a rug is vacuumed regularly and occasionally spot cleaned, most rugs won’t require a major cleaning for 10 to 20 years.

Just in time for those kids to fly the nest. Why_7_competitive-720

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  1. Yousaf Chaman says:

    Great post as it should help many to see the durability of these beautiful rugs and the difference fair trade makes in many lives.