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I don’t know about you, but when I think fall, I think colourful leaves, walks in the woods, cozy knits and warm drinks. Every September, I get in the spirit of transition, because September was always  back-to-school time. So, even now as an adult, I get the feeling that I’m starting a new chapter of life. Since I’m no longer in school, I love to mark the changing of the season in other ways.

As the weather gets more and more chilly, I’m going to be spending more time in my home – so why not make it reflect those lovely autumn feelings? Here’s how I transitioned my home to fall this year.

Add new textures

Fall is filled with a variety of textures: the crunching leaves underfoot, the fuzz of cozy sweaters, and weird and wonderful varieties of gourds and squash. Adding textures to your home that reflect the autumn will give you tactile reminders that the seasons are changing. For example, I love the rustic texture that a woven basket brings. The Hogla Cubist Basket lends itself to the feeling of nature you get from a classic autumn hay ride with its lovely natural brown fibres.DSC_0077

Bring in the fall colours

Each season comes with its own palette of colours. Spring has pastels, summer has brights and winter has jewel tones. Fall has rich, warm, earthy tones that include some of my favourites, and I love adding accent pieces all around the home in these colours.

I find that the easiest decorative pieces to transition each season are my cushions. They’re inexpensive and easy to store away during the rest of the year, so I like to have a couple cushions that work for each season. This fall I updated my personal collection with some of Ten Thousand Villages’ growing ‘Pleats Aplenty’ selection. With five different colours available in this modern design, pairing specific colours together definitely helps to reflect the hues of the season. This fall I’m picking up the Pleats Aplenty Rust cushion to go with the warm blue of the Slate version.Pleats aplenty cushions

Add touches of nature

Adding nature-themed décor is a classic way to celebrate the fall season. I personally love the shape of leaves, so when I saw these new leaf dishes, I was very excited. The colours and design remind me of a cool fall day spent walking through the woods. I chose some small decorative gourds to display, but you could use pinecones, apples or acorns instead. If you are more practically minded, a leaf dish could also play ‘catch all’ on a night stand or next to the front door for keys, wallets and loose change. Useful + decorative is always a win!

I hope these simple ideas get you excited to add some touches of fall to your own home décor this season. If you feel inspired, why not share your own pictures of your home with us on Facebook or Instagram? We would love to see how you incorporate the colours, textures and atmosphere of the season into your space.AUTUMN LEAF DISH (WIDE)


Pleats Aplenty Cushion - Rust  wordpress hogla-cubist-basket wordpress autumn leaf plate (wide)
Pleats Aplenty Cushion (Rust) Hogla Cubist Basket Autumn Leaf Plate

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