Bangladesh Artisans

Girls High School first opened its doors in Darianwala, Pakistan, back in 1977 with only 35 students. Today, more than 800 girls and young women visit the school daily to learn to read, write and perfect their math skills.

The school is merely one success story that has come from our artisan partners’ efforts to improve access to childhood education in disadvantaged regions. And never has there been a time when that vision and commitment to schooling was more important. Today, education is a global right – but remains inaccessible for 72 million children of primary education age.

IWD-EnShabanaWhen Shabana was sixteen, her life couldn’t have been more different than today.

Married for only a year and with a newborn daughter, her husband abandoned her. Shabana lives in a conservative Indian community and had delivered their infant by cesarean section. Her husband worried it would mean fewer pregnancies later – spoiling her chance to have a boy.

Because Shebana had never been allowed to think beyond domestic work, she found herself without income and very little hope. That is, until a women’s issues counsellor referred her to Sasha Exports, one of our Fair Trade maker-partners, and Shabana’s life changed.