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back to school at ten thousand villagesSo long summer, there’s a new school year just around the corner. And for many Canadians, that means the kick-off of the unofficial New Year. It’s a time to create new routines, refresh the wardrobe, and cut household clutter.

Here are eight tips, tricks, and a few fair trade must-haves to get you into the swing of things this fall.

  1. Get organized now. Don’t wait until that stack of school papers and forms spills out all over the kitchen counter. Grab a few baskets, like the Refreshing Teal Handle Basket and keep them handy for September. Or fill up an Island Grasses Rimmed Bowl with your favourite writing supplies to make sitting down to do homework a little less painful.

  1. Only buy what you need. While it’s tempting to run out and buy new pencil crayons, glue sticks and other school supplies, you’ll save money by simply taking stock of what you already have. Spending 10 minutes sharpening pencils can save a bundle. Use that newfound cash to replace torn pencil cases and pick up a cute measuring tape. Perfect for little hands and kids who enjoy starting classroom trends.
  2. Protect your gear. Dress up your electronic gadgets to protect them from scratches and dings while adding some offbeat beauty to your workday basics. Try a Blue Felted Phone Purse or a bag perfect for hoisting around both a wallet and a tablet.
  1. Organize your thoughts, too. Hot tip: If mornings leave you muddled, keep a practical notebook by your side and record all those floating thoughts as they pop up. You’ll be less likely to forget the day’s tasks – or at least until the coffee kicks in.
  1. Wrap it up. Cool mornings and warm afternoons. What to do? Grab for a style-savvy and practical scarf you can wear during the day and stash during the steamy post 5 p.m. commute.
  1. Plan your mornings. Before going to bed, think ahead to the next morning and set out favourite mugs and bowls for cereal or oatmeal. Keep breakfast ingredients lower on shelves or out on the counter so kids can help themselves.
  1. Pack a healthy lunch. Forget disposable paper bags or fabric lunch containers than smell rank after a few weeks (even after washing). A spill-proof metal lunch tiffin not only separates sandwiches, curries and salads from cookies and fruit slices, but is as easy to wash as a dinner plate. Try the Elephant Lunch Tiffin or Eat Drink Live Tiffin for an eco-friendly choice for school or office.
  1. Set a second alarm the first day back. Enough said.Villages_6525-edited

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