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Finding the perfect indoor and outdoor spaces to showcase new collections isn’t always easy. The Spring 2017 Lookbook was especially tricky, because we were aiming to convey a very specific feeling. Fortunately, our photography and design team are experts. Capturing the modern, elegant scenes often require DIY construction, precise angles, and a little camera trickery, but we think they pulled it off perfectly.

Here’s a peek behind the curtain.

When we couldn’t find a real living room that matched what we were looking for, we had to improvise. The ‘wall’ was a large-format picture, like the kind used for school photos, while the flooring was vinyl, printed to look like hardwood.

Capturing the right angle, with all the necessary pieces in the shot, is a must on a one-day shoot. Luckily, the large screen hooked up to the camera made it easy to pour over new photos in real time, to choose the ones with the right light, shadow, and framing.

Arranging flowers properly can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the day. Arrangements have to be built to look best from the direction the camera sees them, so it can take a lot of trial and error before we get to one that we like.

Our “farmhouse window” scene relied on some barn board that the photographer had on hand, plus a folding table and an old window frame. We weren’t sure this one would turn out, but when the ‘morning light’ was shining through the window, we couldn’t tell it apart from the real thing.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes snap that we liked a lot. Kristen was having such a hard time keeping the windchime from blurring in the photo that she had to hold it steady until mere seconds before the camera shot.

A magician doesn’t give away all her secrets, so we won’t give away all of ours, either. Check out the Spring Lookbook 2017 to see these scenes – and more – in action.

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  1. susan Loeppky says:

    The last photo is just wierd.

  2. Ian Ross says:

    Fun look Thank you for sharing and for your great work!