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There’s something special about a handcrafted tablecloth. Whether hand loomed, printed, or embroidered, each one carries personal touches. There are always tiny imperfections – imperceptible to anyone but the maker and you– that reinforce the ties between your purchase and the life of the person who made the piece. It’s a special thing.

But if you’re not the kind of person who uses a tablecloth every day, you may be wondering what you’re going to do with the tablecloth outside of hosting a fancy meal a few times a year. Is it worth the investment, even when they’re a fantastic price?

We think so – and we’ve pulled together five awesome ways to use your tablecloth, even if you’re more inclined to show off the grain in your live edge table.

  1. Picnic In The Grass

If you’ve sat down for a snack in the grass with a picnic ‘blanket’, you’ll know why it just doesn’t work. Blankets are hot. They’re bulky. Crumbs get stuck in the wool. And to add insult to injury, blankets are a pain to launder.

Don’t be hot and bothered – picnic with a tablecloth instead. They fold up much smaller than a blanket, and they’re easy to wash, too. Plus, their elegant and baroque designs will add a touch of class to your outing.

  1. Build A Blanket Fort

Hear us out. When it’s been raining all day and all you want to do is curl up someplace cozy, turn the dial up to eleven and make a blanket fort. Our sister site in the US has a wonderful blog post about making blanket forts for grown up kids and the results are downright magical.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution that adds colourful coziness, try using a brightly coloured tablecloth to make a bedroom canopy. With so many DIY solutions available online, it’ll be easy to choose the one that works for your space.

  1. Get Crafty With DIY Curtains

So what if you love the patterns and colours of handcrafted tablecloths, but you’re not really that thrilled about putting cloth on your table? One word: Curtains.

A couple of quick folds and some straight-line stitching is all it takes to transform a tablecloth into a beautiful curtain. New to the sewing machine? Don’t worry – making curtains is one of the easiest ways to begin.

  1. Add Colour To Your Bed Set

This may seem unorthodox, but hear us out: use a handcrafted tablecloth as a bedspread overlay. Make guests feel welcome, even in the warmer summer months, by replacing the traditional blanket at the foot of the bed with a tablecloth. Get away with simpler bedroom sets by offsetting with a bright, handprinted design.

  1. Rock A DIY Tablecloth Skirt

Number five isn’t for the faint of heart! If you’re an avid DIYer who knows their way around a sewing machine, we’ve got some inspiration for you. Trish from our Langley, BC store wowed the rest of us when we saw her homemade tablecloth skirt. Trish started with the Plum Fantasy Tablecloth, which is helpfully circular to begin with. Next, she cut out the middle section to fit her waist, and a small part of the tablecloth to improve the way it hung. We think the results are striking and truly one-of-a-kind.

These five ideas are just a start. We’re positive that Ten Thousand Villages fans have great ideas for using tablecloths that we haven’t even thought about.

If you’ve got a great idea for using a tablecloth somewhere other than the dining room, let us know in the comments! Looking for inspiration? Check out the 25% Off Tablecloths Sale, on now.

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  1. I sometimes change the look of our coffee table by covering it with a cloth. You could also put one under or around the base of a Christmas tree.

  2. Anna Cole says:

    I sewed a lovely podegai baby carrier out of one of your tablecloths! Again, not for the faint of heart, but it was a delightful carrier.

  3. Lori says:

    Great idea, I am going to make a bedspread out of mine, just adding a little fabric for a border.

  4. Lois Epp says:

    Fold a table cloth to fashion a table runner that sits on the table as a decorating accessory. Runners are less formal and brighten up a room.

    Make table displays at work or church look fuller and better by using a table cloth under display items.

    Fold tablecloths and use to fill in spaces in worship podium displays at Easter, Christmas,Thanksgiving and events. Match the colors to the occasion,

  5. Lindsay N says:

    Table clothes make great curtains. If you can not sew or do not want to cut up your tablecloth, Rings with attached clips are sold in most places that sell curtain rods. The rings slide easily on the rods and the tablecloths can be taken down and washed easily.