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Tired of braving the snow and ice this winter? You’re not the only one. According to Expedia’s most recent Flip Flop Report, 50 per cent of Canadians say leaving behind winter blues is one of the most attractive reasons to travel to destinations that offer sand, surf and sun.


But figuring out what to pack can lead to headaches at this time of year. Do you bring winter boots and sandals? A heavy coat and tank tops? What about toys to keep restless kids entertained on road trips or while in the air?


Whether you’re a family heading south for March Break, adventure seekers looking for their next escapade, or students wanting to blow off some steam in the sun, here are a few travel-happy – and fair trade – products to make your time away even better.

If you’ve got kids

Going on a long car trip doesn’t have to be a chore if you have children in tow. Just pack lots of snacks, books and toys to keep them entertained. For instance, let them put on a finger puppet show in the backseat. Or show them how to play chess. The Menagerie Memory Game is a good bet when travelling by plane and you have a tray to spread out on. Meanwhile, older kids might like to scribble away in their very own journal to keep boredom at bay.

If you just need a little Om

Sunny yoga retreats are hot when the weather grows cold back home. Pack for the adventure by toting your mat in a Hatha Yoga Mat Bag, which is hand-loomed in Nepal. Or keep your shoulders relaxed (and hands free) by using an eco-happy Cork Backpack while exploring the area nearby. Meanwhile, keep stray hairs in place while getting warmed up and bendy with a Zari Flower Headband or Zari Leaf Headband. Don’t forget to give feet a swipe with a body scrubber to make them beach-ready in no time.

If reading week means travel week

University and college students, take note: there are so many ways you can make your spring break vacation meaningful and fun. Try a volunteer vacation. In some cases, you can save mega travel dollars by giving back while seeing the world – even if only for a week. Care for endangered animals, teach English or French, or help build schools overseas. Don’t forget to pack travel gear that keeps the do-good spirit alive: either a fair trade Nepal Weave Cosmetics Bag or a Kantha Toiletry Bag does the trick. Ready to explore a bustling city or nearby town? Keep valuables, passports and phones close with a cross-body Patterned Adventure Bag.



If a staycation is in the cards

Can’t go south this year? No matter. Sipping Chili & Spice Hot Chocolate Mix or Friendship Organics Moroccan Mint Tea adds warmth to your afternoon. Take a Latin dance class and dress up with a colourful Beads Aplenty Necklace. Or run a bath and crack open a Serenity Body Care Kit for a little “me time.” With its candles, soap, incense and textured scrubber, soon wintertime weather will seem miles away.

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