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Goodbye grey, bleak and dismal days. This spring, home décor is heating up. Whether your living room needs a sprucing up, or you want to give your bedroom a fresh, new look, here are some of this season’s most inspired design trends sure to put a little spring in your step.


Go global

Ever visit a far-flung country and decide you’ve got to bring some of the region’s handcrafted flare back to your own home? You’re in luck. Travel-inspired interiors are gaining traction this year. Think earthy terracotta and globally influenced prints. Textiles and materials feel raw, natural and handcrafted. (And yes, Ten Thousand Villages has always been known to shine in this area. After all, our products come direct from dozens of countries – and thousands of makers – around the world.)

Shop the look: Flower Power Tablecloth ($80); Multi-Squares Peace Quilt ($125); Lily Raffia Basket Bowl ($48)


It’s about texture

From embellishments to appliqué, if it feels good under your fingers, it’s got to go in the home. Ceramic is often flat mat with raised textures. Look out for fringes, tufts and tassels too. They add a fabulously handcrafted quality to a room.

Shop the look: Diamond Textured Blue Ceramic Vase ($48); Flower Patch Cushion Cover ($45); Black Stripes Fringed Alpaca Throw ($189); Birds of a Feather Cushion Cover ($39)


Colour – and lots of it!

Goodbye beige. This year, colours are bigger, bolder and way more vibrant. (Want to wallpaper your ceiling in bright blue? It’s a thing.) Look out for ice cream pastels, moody indigo and pops of pink, purple and orange. Or better yet, try out the new “maximalism” trend and double up with colours and textures.

Shop the look: Multi-coloured Paisley Tablecloth ($80); All Reds Dotted Peace Quilt ($125); Turquoise Band Mangowood Cake Tray ($38)



Metal accents are still in vogue this spring and are popping up in everything from gold-coloured hardware to wall-hangings, table lamps and beyond. Circular mirrors give rooms a contemporary lift too.

Shop the look: Hammered Round Mirror ($120); Asymmetrical Jali Cut Candleholder ($18); Embossed Decorative Bowls ($68)


Go for green

Foliage and even more foliage. That’s the “it” look on the horizon. Forget last year’s tiny succulents though and embrace the humble houseplant instead. Lush, green and springtime bright, when it comes to filling the house with plants, the more the merrier. Just don’t forget to find equally inspired – and fair trade – containers to hold them. Some are crafted from recycled materials making it easy to go green in more ways than one.

Shop the look: Sky Blue Bottom Ceramic Planter ($34); Turquoise Square Recycled Tire Planter ($38)

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