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Poor dad! According to recent data, people typically spend 50 per cent more on Mother’s Day than on Father’s Day. Of course moms are worth all the attention they get. Let’s face it, mothers do a lot – but fathers are increasingly catching up when it comes to time spent on childcare: 131 minutes per day, according to Statistics Canada.

While the most popular gifts for dad include meals out, clothing, books, music and electronics, meaningful fair trade gifts not only help us celebrate our own fathers, but make life better for maker and farming fathers around the world.

So we asked our staff one question: If you could pick anything from Ten Thousand Villages this year, what would you like to receive or give to dad on Father’s Day? Here’s what they told us.


Play it up

“I think my father would have liked to receive a Mancala set, the African bead game.  He would have appreciated it for its seeming simplicity, its endless variables for play and the way it challenges strategic thinking.”

— Lis, Hamilton location associate


“I really have my eye on the Mangowood Mancala Game! It seems like a neat game with a long African history. I like games that require strategy and planning. It seems like the perfect distraction for a rainy day at the lake!”

— Dave, marketing and design coordinator

“One of the games, in particular the fish mancala board. Games are good for quality family time.”

— Gregg, Hamilton location associate



Sip and savour

“The exquisitely hand-blown Phoenician glass in aqua makes me feel the fusion of the West Bank and Hebron, indeed of our wider fair trade world!  An ice-cold beverage helps takes the edge off the intense heat of summer and the natural glass feels so delightful in one’s hand.”

— Ian, Hamilton location store manager


“Divine Chocolate! Honestly, it’s the best tasting chocolate I’ve ever had.  Definitely a guilty pleasure.”

— Drew, director of sales



Lazy days in the backyard


“My dad will love a summer fun hammock chair!”

— Manisha, Danforth staff member

“My husband works hard around the house and I never have to ask him to get things done, so I’d like to treat him to the gift of relaxation this year with the navy dreams hammock.  This will look great in the yard and is made of soft crochet cotton so I know he’ll enjoy relaxing when his chores are done.”

— Andrea, e-commerce sales and business development coordinator



“I will give to my dad the large blue skies planter for his patio.”

— Angela, Danforth staff member



Quirky dad gifts


“I choose the Nosey Spectacle Stand that holds reading glasses. I think that’s a very useful gift because many times people are losing their glasses. It will be handy if they have a place to keep them.”

— Ilias, Danforth location store manager


“My dad has an obsession with clocks—working or not; Grandfather clocks, table clocks, alarm clocks, pocket watches. For Father’s Day, I’ve been looking at the Time to Cruise Hanging Clock that is made from recycled bike chains in India. My dad may have a lot of clocks, but none of them have a beautiful story of hope behind them like this one does!”

— Kathleen, digital marketing specialist



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