Bangladesh Artisans

Here at Ten Thousand Villages Canada, we believe that all people deserve the chance to earn a fair and stable income. Our mission is to help the world discover beautiful things that do beautiful things. We strive to offer stunning, globally responsible lifestyle products that create opportunities for makers in developing countries to earn an income, in turn, improving their quality of life. When you make a purchase from Ten Thousand Villages, you become part of something more than just retail; you are part of the solution to creating a FAIR world.

Here are seven important ways your purchase makes a difference.  

Your purchase puts food on the table

“Before fair trade, I was entirely dependent on my husband’s income to bear family expenses. Being a van puller, he didn’t earn much and always struggled to provide the basic needs for our family. My kids and I would often go hungry due to lack of food. I often had to borrow food and money from my neighbors to feed my kids. Every day was a constant battle with hunger for me and my kids. Thanks to fair trade, I was able to work for a fair wage, which helped with family expenses. In a way, fair trade has saved my family’s life.”

Rina Dewri



Your purchase provides a warm, safe home

“Thanks to fair trade, I have a stable salary. I was able to save enough money to build a house.”

Luong Thi Huong

Mai Viet Handicrafts


Your purchase sends children to school

“Being able to send my kids to school has been the biggest change for me since I started working in fair trade. I am very proud of them because they have managed to succeed in their academic lives and are heading towards a brighter future. My son has recently completed a dental technology course, and now, he is doing an internship in Dhaka. My daughter is taking a nursing course in a medical college.” 

Rina Dewri



Your purchase keeps families healthy

“Fair trade has provided me with regular work and has helped educate my children. Fair trade has also provided me with additional benefits like free health check-ups, life insurance and medical insurance.”

Mr. Kuyum

Asha Handicrafts


Your purchase empowers women

“Fair trade allows me to be independent and generate my own income. I can work from home and still dedicate time to my family. I can improve my family’s standard of living and also support other women by bringing them work.”

Magdaly Figeroa Rincón



Your purchase fights poverty

“Before fair trade, I was going through a really bad time with my family. My husband was really sick and I took out a lot of loans, all of which made my life miserable. There was no money left in the family, so I couldn’t send my kids to school, let alone provide them the minimum basic needs. With fair trade, I was able to provide the basic needs for my kids and send them to school. I was also able to see a better doctor to treat my husband’s sickness. He is doing fine now and has a shop in the local market.”

Ms. Joyanti Halder



Your purchase supports fair trade

“Working for a fair trade organization has had a positive impact on my life. I receive a fair wage, regular employment opportunities and benefits. I don’t have to rely on anyone for my personal expenses. I am able to provide for my family. I feel empowered and liberated.”

Shanti Maharjan

Association of Craft Producers


Every purchase improves the lives of makers and their families by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income. Thank you for making a difference.

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