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Happy New Year! The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on the past year and make goals for the year ahead. Here are a few of our tips for making 2020 great.

Make a realistic resolution

blue leather journal

Make sure your resolution for the New Year is realistic. Set yourself up for success by striving for a goal that is attainable. Once you have decided on a goal that is doable for yourself, make a plan to achieve that goal and write that plan down in a journal. Create an outline of how and when you’ll reach your goal and use that journal to keep yourself on track and accountable. This blue leather journal was handcrafted by makers working with Noah’s Ark in India.

Get organized with baskets


Start the New Year off right and get organized in 2020. Baskets make great, time-saving, storage solutions and they look great too. Are toys scattered throughout your house? Keep toys, books and games in colourful baskets. Can’t find important paperwork? Keep important documents in a safe and handy magazine holder. Are clothes and knitwear being left all over the place? Keep them tidy and together in baskets. These baskets were handwoven by makers in Bangladesh.

magazine holder

Practice self-care regularly


Make self-care a priority this year. Light a candle and draw a bath once a week to relax your mind and body. Make time for yourself so you can read a book or just listen to music. Whatever form self-care takes for you, make sure you make it a priority this year. Your mind and body will thank you. This eucalyptus-scented soap was handmade by makers working with Palam Rural Centre in India.

What are your tips for the New Year? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy first day of fall! Here at Ten Thousand Villages, we’re a little sad that summer days are over but we’re excited for all the fall things that autumn brings like pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather and scary movies. With Thanksgiving dinners and Halloween parties approaching, fall is also a great time to refresh your home! Here are some tips for giving your home a cozy, fall makeover.



Baskets are great because not only do they add a rustic, fall touch to your living room but they double as storage space too. Elle Décor suggests warming up a room with “cozy accessories such as pillow-and-throw-filled baskets.”



Keep your feet warm on hardwood floors and add a decorative touch to your kitchen or family room with a rug. House and Home says that a standout rug is like “artwork for your floor.” They believe that a standout rug “pulls the room together, interjecting life and personality into the space.”


chair with throw

Add warmth and decoration to your living room or bedroom with a fringe throw, blanket or quilt. Country Living encourages homeowners to “find throws with different textures and colours for a bit of visual variety.”


chair with plant

This fall, trade colourful summer flowers in for a statement plant. House and Home says a statement plant “creates major impact – especially when potted in a standout planter.”



Candles are an easy way to add those fall vibes to your home. Shutterfly says that candles give homes “rustic charm.” For Halloween, add pumpkins and pinecones to your candle display.

Do you have any fall decorating tips? Let us know how you decorate your home for fall in the comments below!