Bangladesh Artisans

Waterloo StoreWhen my best friend and I were in high school, we used to go to Ten Thousand Villages in Uptown Waterloo and say, “When we’re grown-ups with our own homes, we’re going to fill them with stuff from Ten Thousand Villages!”

Now that I am a “grown-up,” one of my favourite tasks has been making thoughtful choices about what things I bring into my home. (And it just so happens that many of those things are indeed from Ten Thousand Villages!)

Sacred MarkMaking ethical choices can be difficult. There are so many causes  that call out to us – causes like the environment,  animal rights, and those who are living in poverty, to name a few.  It can be overwhelming to care about everything that needs our attention, and that can sometimes cause us to throw up our hands and not do anything. That was me, before I came to realize Fair Trade provided an opportunity to have my spending make a positive difference in the world.

Most children are taught the more obvious ways to help our world: turning off the tap when brushing their teeth and turning the lights off when they leave a room. Coming to understand what Fair Trade is all about, however, has changed my understanding of how people can make a difference.