Bangladesh Artisans

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or a baby shower, Salay Handmade Paper has a card for the occasion. Founded in 1987, Loreta Rafisura, a nurse turned entrepreneur and her husband, started Salay Handmade Paper to provide employment for the people of Salay in the Philippines. Through experimentation, they developed their trademark handmade paper using cogon grass, a weed that interferes with local farming. Today, Salay Handmade Paper works with almost 400 makers who craft cards, nativities and journals from cogon grass. Besides a fair wage and pensions, makers also share in the profits.

In addition to transforming the lives of people, Salay Handmade Paper also works to help protect and preserve the environment. According to Salay Handmade Paper, tree cutting for commercial purposes had left hundreds of hectares of land in Matampa, one of the mountainous villages in Salay, bare since the 1970s. With a passion and determination to improve the environment, Salay Handmade Paper had their first organized tree planting mission in Matampa in May 2010 on World Fair Trade Day (WFTD). 350 makers working with Salay helped to plant 500 pine trees!

tree planting 2010

In 2017, they committed to planting 500 more trees.

tree planting

Nine years later, there are now tons of pine trees and tourists are attracted to Matampa since pine trees are rarely seen in this coastal province. Thanks to these tree planting missions, Salay Handmade Paper has enhanced the land, air and soil. So far this year, they have planted 700 pine trees. They are hoping to plant a total of 2,000 trees by the end of the year!

tree planting 2019

With every purchase of a Salay Handmade Paper product, you are not only improving the lives of people in the Philippines; you are also helping to improve the environment. Visit our website to find the perfect handmade card for your next social event.