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When Ten Thousand Villages began 70 years ago, we didn’t have a single store. Instead, Edna Ruth Byler bought handcrafted products in Puerto Rico,
brought them home to Pennsylvania, and sold them out of the trunk of her car.

Over time, this practice of hosting an event to sell fair trade products evolved into what we now call “festival sales.”
Today, about $1 million is sold at festival sales every year in Canada! Every year all across North America, nonprofits, charities,
churches and service groups sell Ten Thousand Villages products on consignment.

Are you interested in bringing fair trade to your own town or city?
Festival Sales are a wonderful way to bring people together, but they require a lot of planning, organization and hard work.
With the help of devoted people who commit to hosting and running sales, dozens of successful events happen across the country every year.
To learn more about hosting an event, contact our Festival Sales Coordinator at festivals@villages.ca.


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