MCC Christmas Giving 2016

Christmas Giving 2016

This Christmas, choose a gift that is a personal and meaningful expression of love. Each gift comes with an insert to tuck inside a card that you can give to the friend or loved one to explain the gift you have given in their honour.

Girl with goat   A Gift of Food

Your gift helps families have enough to eat. Around the world, MCC partners with farmers as they work to expand harvests and find better ways to earn a living on their land, improving nutrition and increasing income to buy more food or meet other needs. This Christmas, as you celebrate the bounty of the season, you can help farmers to better feed their families.

Rabbit    A Gift of Livelihoods

Your gift provides new chances for work. It helps people start a business or begin ventures such as raising animals. It gives them a chance to learn new skills that can bring in more income. And more income leads to better opportunities for nutrition, health and education. You know how good it feels to start something new? Join MCC in giving that chance to families around the world

5 women at a water well    A Gift of Water

Your gift provides water to families and communities. Irrigation gives farmers new chances to grow crops. Nearby wells or piped water systems save families from spending hours hauling water for drinking, washing and cooking. Safe, clean sources of water mean fewer illnesses. You can share this life-giving resource this holiday season.

2 men with food    A Gift of Relief

Your gift meets urgent needs and helps communities rebuild. In times of conflict or disaster, MCC works closely with local partners to respond quickly. MCC also supports long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts that continue to bring hope months or years after the world has stopped focusing on a crisis. You can make a difference for the millions rebuilding their lives.


How To Order



  • Call 1-888-622-6337 toll-free and speak with a local MCC representative.


  1. Pick up a copy of the Christmas Giving booklet from your local Ten Thousand Villages store. 
  2. Complete the gift selection panel on the enclosed envelope.  Include a cheque payable to MCC or credit card information.