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Divine Raspberry Dark Chocolate


Indulge your sweet tooth and help break the cycle of poverty for small-scale cocoa farmers! This decadent bar from Divine combines 70% dark chocolate with the fruity tartness of real raspberries.

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Product Details

  • Material: dark chocolate
  • Dimensions: 100 g
  • Colour(s): red, tan, black
  • SKU: 2361061

About the Artisan

The Divine Chocolate Company was formed in 1998 to manufacture and sell Fair Trade chocolate. 


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What a delicious treat this chocolate is! It's my absolute favourite. It's a high quality product, and the packaging is just beautiful!

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Rating: 0 1 2 3 4

Divine dark chocolate raspberry is my go-to bar for Christmas stocking stuffers. Not only is it a colourful Christmas red, but there's a physical connection that shows the authentic quality of fair trade products: you can feel (and eat) the actual raspberry seeds that have settled to the bottom of the bar during the cooling process...even through the packaging (just run your finger over the back of the bar). Great, authentic dark chocolate and raspberry taste!

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