Stacked Sunset Candleholder (Square)

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How innovative and adaptable! Place a tealight in each of these 3 stacked squares of soapstone. They stack – or come apart! Buy more than one set to mix and match.  Kisii soapstone, found only in Kenya, is a soft stone, easy to carve into many forms. Its satiny finish is achieved through multiple stages of sanding, followed by waxing. In some cases, as with this piece, artisans also apply colour.

Material: soapstone

Dimensions: 7.5cm H x 8cm L x 6cm W

Colour(s): fuchsia, orange, deep orange

SKU: 4109131

The Undugu Society of Kenya has worked for Kenya’s urban poor since 1973 with the goal of offering hope to those at greatest risk....

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