Ikat design leather purse


This go-to purse is crafted from enviro-leather and hand-loomed ikat cloth. Ikat is a dyeing technique used to create pattered textiles. The yarn is patterned first before ever seeing a loom. Individual yarns or bundles are tightly bound by a tight wrapping to create the chosen pattern. The yarn is then dyed and the binding can be moved to another area and the yarn is dyed again with another colour. Wrap, dye, repeat. Because the surface design is created by weaving this yarn, in ikat, you’ll find the pattern on both sides of the fabric. This intricate dyeing and weaving technique takes years to master.


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Product Details

Material: leather, cotton ikat fabric

Dimensions: 29 cm x 25 cm

Colour(s): black, red, yellow, white

SKU: 6838204

About the Artisan

The Craft Resource Centre (CRC) provides marketing, design, finance and exporting assistance to a large number of artisan groups across India.


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This is a great purse, well made, and really functional. The ikat design is very attractive. A great product .

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The strap is very long and can be shorted. So many pockets for small items. Good purse!

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