Blue Mango Bowl


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Mango wood is carved with an intricate pattern and painted blue, standing tall on a base. Why choose mango wood? It’s a densely grained wood but also relatively soft. This makes it easy to carve so special tools aren’t needed, reducing costs. In the past, older mango trees that were no longer bearing fruit  were simply cut down and either used as fuel or left to rot. Artisans of Noah’s Ark in India are finding new ways to use this age old tree.


Material: mango wood

Dimensions: 20 cm D x 10.5 cm H

Colour(s): blue, brown

SKU: 6875318

Noah’s Ark was established by Christian businessman, Samuel Masih, who observed how middlemen demanded fees, leaving metalworkers with very little pay. Although he knew nothing of the Fair Trade movement, he set out to ensure better wages...

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