Flower Pots Hanging Planter

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Hang three flower plants or herbs in a sunny place. Handcrafted in Moradabad, India, sheets of metal are cut and shaped, then hammered, etched, and/or embossed by hand using traditional techniques for texture and pattern. The cost of metals has skyrocketed in recent years, which has had a devastating effect on the local economy and on the lives of metal workers in Moradabad. Artisan group Noah’s Ark International has worked hard to train artisans in using alternative metals and materials. Can rust if left outside over winter. Store clean and dry.


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Product Details

Material: mottled metal

Dimensions: 37 cm x 49 cm

Colour(s): brown, gold, green

SKU: 6875478

Product Care

Product is copper coated and lacquere. For indoor and outdoor use. Indoor and outdoor use. Store indoors during winter months.

About the Artisan

Noah’s Ark was established by Christian businessman, Samuel Masih, who observed how middlemen demanded fees, leaving metalworkers with very little pay. Although he knew nothing of the Fair Trade movement, he set out to ensure better wages


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The picture doesn't do it justice!

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So beautiful. I absolutely adore this.

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