Colombian Dark Roast Decaf Coffee (Ground)


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Made with premium Arabica beans grown by small-scale farmers high in the Andes, this Colombian Dark Roast decaf coffee is natural-water decaffeinated and delivers a clean, full-bodied taste.

  • 454 g
  • SKU: 1100203
Level Ground Trading is a Fair Trade importer, wholesaler and specialty coffee roaster based in Victoria, B.C....

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I drink regular coffee and decaf coffee. I didn't drink decaf. in the past. What made me start? This amazing decaf. coffee. Most decaf. tastes horrible. This one is amazing, just like regular coffee. I don't know how
Ten Thousand Villages does it, but they do. Way to go Ten Thousand Villages! I highly recommend it.

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It is difficult to find good decaf coffee for those of us who have to drink it. Ten Thousand Villages Decaf coffee is the exception - it has lots of flavour and body and tastes like 'real' coffee. it also feels good to know that the growers are being supported through direct fair trade.

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