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Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World


Looks like the tooth fairy isn't the only one in the business of taking care of teeth. For this charming book, Selby Beeler spent years collecting fascinating stories of what children around the world do with their lost teeth. What she found are unique traditions! In Costa Rica, parents will turn the lost tooth into a gold earring for their child to wear; in Botswana, children will throw their teeth on the roof and sing to the moon. As educational as it is fun, this book will be a great addition to any children's library or school classroom. Move over tooth fairy!

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A fun book that teaches children about tooth traditions around the world. It is full of information so may even be better to read over several sittings as it's a lot of great information for a young child to take in at once. A great addition to your library...especially if you like to learn about cultures and traditions around the world.

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A great book, my granddaughter, who has her first loose tooth, loved hearing about all the different traditions! She lives in Canada but her Papa is from France so it will be interesting to find out if a fairy or a mouse takes her tooth away when it falls out!

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A cute idea...but the book is rather repetitive as the traditions around the world seem to be quite similar. My kids like it, but I don't enjoy reading it all that much.

Ten Thousand Villages reply (Oct 9, 2018):
Thank you for your product review, Amanda. We're glad your children are enjoying the book. All the best!
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