Peruvian Dark Roast Coffee (Ground)


Characterized by hints of sweet berry and citrus, high acidity and a smooth finish, this is a lively, low-body roast that has been shade-grown, hand-picked and sun-dried in the remote region of San Martin de Pangoa in Peru on the edge of the Amazon basin. 

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We recommend storing your coffee in the package in a cool dark cupboard. Beans retain their natural oils and flavours longer than ground coffee. Ground coffee should be used quickly after purchase. Beans can be stored unopened for 2 months but should be consumed within 2 weeks of opening the package. Grind the beans just before brewing. Use fresh, clean water. We recommend that you clean your coffee making equipment each time you use it so that coffee oils do not build up on the surface and affect the quality of the coffee in your cup.

About the Artisan

Level Ground Trading is a Fair Trade importer, wholesaler and specialty coffee roaster based in Victoria, B.C.


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This coffee is one of my favorite coffees of all the many delicious coffees I have tasted. From Just Us! too Kicking Horse, I love them all. Yet the Peruvian Dark from TTV always ranks as my favorite. It is so good that I have to try not to buy it too often because I am afraid I will not appreciate it as much!

Ten Thousand Villages reply (Jun 5, 2018):
Thank you for your product review, Wyatt! There's nothing like a good cup of coffee! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the Peruvian Dark Roast Coffee!
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Rating: 0 1 2 3 4

I have this coffee sometimes at my girlfriend's house and it's quite delicious!

Ten Thousand Villages reply (May 28, 2018):
Thank you for your product review, Luigino! We are glad that you are enjoying the Peruvian Dark Roast Coffee. It is the perfect combination of sweet and bold flavours!
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