Review for "Terra Cotta Gingerbread House Candle Holder (SM)"

Terra Cotta Gingerbread House Candle Holder (SM)

No time to whip up a gingerbread house this season? This terracotta candleholder with cutout windows is a sweet alternative. Makers from CORR-The Jute Works in Bangladesh load local clay into molds to cast the shape and then paint the details by hand. Place with the large version (6601113) or numerous houses to create a memorable centerpiece.





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This is a well-made, sturdy, and beautifully decorated piece. I was impressed by the way it came so well-packed in its box. It would have been impossible to break en route. It has a secure rim inside for fitting it with a tea light and it is lovely both lit and not. I am very pleased with this purchase and very pleased with the shipping. Thank you!

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