Review for "Raw Edge Black Leather Hand bag"

Raw Edge Black Leather Hand bag

A rough, unstitched edge gives this otherwise polished, classic leather bag an authentic look. The two brown handles are finely stitched, however, to lift a hefty load. CRC (or Craft Resource Center) is committed to using only environmentally friendly methods and materials while developing self-sufficiency for a vulnerable segment of society through traditional handcrafting skills. They eliminate the use of toxic preservatives, turning back to more traditional tanning techniques in order to bring a high-quality product that is safe for environment, workers, and consumer alike.



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A beautifully made bag! The leather is very thick and strong. The handles are stitched into the leather very well-no fear they will come apart when carrying heavier loads/groceries. There is a flap inside with several compartments and a zippered pocket (handy with a large bag so all your important items don\'t fall to the bottom) The colours black and tan are classic, it will complement anything you are wearing. This is a good size bag for those who cannot fit into a tiny purse-with this one you can carry books, a laptop, water bottle, umbrella and your lunch!

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