Review for "Winter Harvest Coffee (Ground)"

Winter Harvest Coffee (Ground)

Chase away the winter blahs with this balanced blend of Peru, Ethiopia, and D.R. Congo beans. Every cup is plush, warm and pairs well with strong flavoured dishes. When you buy this coffee, you support agricultural training and organic practices.

*Please note that the winter label states it is a blend of Ethiopia, Tanzania and D. R. Congo beans when it is actually a blend of Peru, Ethiopia, and D.R. Congo beans.


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I love this coffee! I so look forward to its arrival every Christmas season. I really appreciate that it can be purchased online as there is no Ten Thousand Villages store where I live. I\'ve already ordered and received three bags. I buy a lot of Ten Thousand Villages coffees throughout the year, but I\'d miss it if this one wasn\'t offered every year. Thank you Ten Thousand Villages!

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