Review for "Recycling Truck Sorting Toy"

Recycling Truck Sorting Toy

Help little ones learn to recycle with this wooden truck toy. Makers from Sri Lanka carve and paint the wood to create the truck and the “paper,” “metal” and “plastic” blocks to be sorted by the driver. Many of the toy’s makers have been able to move to brick homes with galvanized steel roofs and leave their flimsy homes with thatched roofs behind. This truck delivers hope.


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I just love this toy. Promotes environmental awareness for kids from a young age, and it\'s just a delightful sorting toy with a lovely little androgynous person that could easily be played as male or female.

Shop owner reply (Jun 5, 2018):
Thank you for your product review, Candice! We\'re happy to hear that you love the Recycling Truck Sorting Toy!

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