Review for "Perfectly Paisley Tablecloth"

Perfectly Paisley Tablecloth

Blue, intricate and paisley, this rectangular tablecloth is perfect for any season. Block printing is a labour-intensive method of hand-printing fabric. Artisans imprint the cloth with hand-carved wooden blocks, stamping the cloth left to right, and repeating to complete all patterns and colours. From Asha Handicrafts in India. Asha means “Hope” in Sanskrit.


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The tablecloth itself is lovely. Unfortunately the colour does not appear as on the website. The website shows a true blue. The colour of the cloth is more of a pastel greeny blue which won\'t match my tableware at all so I will be returning it. I hope to order a different one from the same artisan but hope to be able to get to a store to do so so I can see the true colour.

Shop owner reply (Jul 11, 2018):
Thank you for your product review, Jan. We\'re sorry to hear that the tablecloth does not match your other tableware like you\'d hoped. Many factors can contribute to the colour being a bit different as each tablecloth is handcrafted using block printing techniques. We will definitely look into the variation of colour in-person with what is depicted on our website. Thank you!

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