Review for "Ethiopian Dark Roast Coffee (Beans)"

Ethiopian Dark Roast Coffee (Beans)

Made with beans grown at a high altitude near the village of Yirgalem in Sidamo, this dark roast, medium-bodied coffee has blackberry-like sweetness, toasted sugar flavours and bright acidity.


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My favourite coffee by far! Bold flavour yet mellow. I use it for my cappuccino, or as an Americano coffee. I tried it for free in the Cobourg store’s free tasting, and it’s the only coffee I use now (except when I need Decaf, and then I use the Colombian Dark Roast Decaf.). I finally bought a coffee grinder just so I could grind these beans, and the house smells wonderful when it is freshly ground.

Shop owner reply (Jul 27, 2018):
Thank you for your product review, Linda. We\'re so happy you\'ve found your perfect coffee! Nothing is better than the smell of freshly ground coffee beans! Enjoy.

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