Review for "Sky Blue Bottom Ceramic Planter"

Sky Blue Bottom Ceramic Planter

A medium glazed and shiny planter in two colour-blocked shades with matching saucer. Viet Lam Company (Vilaco) is a private exporter that markets ceramics and lacquer-ware along with bamboo, palm leaf and rattan baskets. The company contracts orders from several factories and cooperatives in and around Ho Chi Minh City, providing piece rate work, materials for production and payment for labour costs. In some cases, maker families have been working together for generations, tracing the history of their workshop back more than 800 years. Bring indoors during winter months.


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Beautiful planter! Very well made-the walls are nice and thick, very sturdy. The glaze is nicely finished. There is a hole at the bottom and the planter comes with the plate to go underneath as well. Very pleased with my purchase, it brightens up the room.

Shop owner reply (Aug 27, 2018):
Thank you for your product review, Lorraine! We\'re happy to hear that you like the Sky Blue Bottom Ceramic Planter! It\'s a beautiful way to incorporate a handmade yet modern piece to your space! Enjoy!

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