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Lau Purse

What’s black and white and carried all over? This Lau purse with multi-zippered compartments! Traditional Nepalese weaving is characterized by geometric designs woven into plain background cloth. Using looms of wood and bamboo, artisans produce 15 to 20 centimetres of fabric per day in this labourious technique. They use no charts when laying out designs. All is done from memory and dependence on the artisans’ creative skills and planning.


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I like the style, the colours and the pattern. The zippers seem to be good quality. I get compliments on it.
I wish it were about one inch bigger in every direction... just barely fits my fat wallet, makeup, phone, keys and some extras.... no room for glasses case or a book.

Shop owner reply (Oct 19, 2018):
Thank you for your product review, Shona. We\'re glad you like the Lau Purse! Enjoy.

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