Social Responsibility


We value people. We value social responsibility.

At Ten Thousand Villages Canada we believe in leading by example. That is why it is so important to us to be good social and environmental stewards, and to encourage others to do the same.

Everything we do has an impact. We choose to make ours a positive one!

In addition to conducting business in a manner that fosters positive social, economic and environmental change on a global scale, our responsibility is to build healthier livelihoods, communities and environments through our daily work and decisions.

Ten Thousand Villages Canada is taking action for improved community and environmental sustainability.



Ten Thousand Villages Canada is serious about environmental sustainability! Some of the actions we are taking to reduce our ecological footprint at our National Office and Distribution Centre include:

  • Separating our wastes into reusable, recyclable, compost and true waste components
  • Utilizing recycling programs for paper, electronics and ink
  • Printing all marketing material on 100% post-consumer paper
  • Printing documents double-sided
  • (Re)using paper with printing on one side for scrap paper or one-sided printing
  • Distributing electronic documents rather than printed ones, whenever possible
  • Turning out lights when rooms and offices are not in use
  • Undergoing an energy efficient lighting retrofit (installing T5 and T8 bulbs and fixtures) in our existing Distribution Centre
  • Installing motion sensor activated, energy efficient lights in our new Distribution Centre building expansion
  • Using telephone and video conferencing for meetings, training and workshops to reduce carbon emissions generated by staff travel
  • Consolidating product shipments and limiting shipments by air to curb carbon emissions
  • Reusing packaging materials from shipments
  • Providing bike racks to support employees who cycle to work
  • Supporting organizations that strive for environmental preservation and sustainability
    • We donate $1.10 from every bottle of Zatoun Olive Oil we sell to “Trees for Life”, a program helping Palestinian farmers renew olive groves that have been destroyed. To date, Zatoun and Ten Thousand Villages have planted over 29,800 olive trees and hope to plant thousands more each year.



Ten Thousand Villages Canada is passionately committed to people. We express our commitment to people in the communities in which they live:

  • Actively partnering with non-profit organizations in local communities, supporting fundraising efforts by donating a percentage of sales to their cause
  • Hosting food drives to support local food banks
  • Raising awareness about Fair Trade and the possibility of greater world trade justice in local communities, in turn promoting environmental awareness and consumer empowerment
  • Fair Trade networks are practical, viable solutions for healthier livelihoods, communities and environments. When artisans are paid fairly for their products and receive consistent orders, they are able to invest in their environment – meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs as well.

Supporting Fair Trade helps build a world where true social and environmental justice can be achieved.

Ten Thousand Villages Canada is committed to creating a better world for everyone. Do you have an idea or suggestion for us? We always welcome your comments.