Vietnamese Ceramics - The World at Your Table

In the pottery village of Bat Trang, on the shores of Vietnam’s Red River, Tran and Thuy Kinh operate a ceramics workshop that provides Fair Trade income to more than 45 people in the creation of beautiful tableware for your home.

Tran is the fifth generation of his family involved in the art form. He learned the trade from his father and started his independent business after the Vietnam War when exporting was almost unheard of in the country. Since then he and his wife Thuy, a glaze expert, have made their business a success.

In the late 15th century Thanh Hoa potters founded the town of Bat Trang, settling there because of the rich deposits of white clay. The traditional Bat Trang style is characterized by blue and white dinnerware and tiny ornaments featuring intricately detailed patterns. These ceramics are well-made and incredibly durable.

Many Vietnamese live in craft villages like Bat Trang, where farming provides daily essentials and craft production means valuable extra income that helps build a better future for families and communities.

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